Thematic Areas for the engagement of the Wife of the President

The engagement of the office of the wife of the president (TOWP) would be anchored around 5 cross-cutting themes that would push the attainment of the strategic vision in key and high impact program areas like

  • Maternal Health including Family Planning;
  • Infant Survival; Nutrition;
  • Birth and Civil Registration;
  • Adolescent Health;

and Private Sector Participation in bringing about sustainable change in the commodities and life-saving medicines logistic chain in the health sector.

The Office of the President wife would thus work with development partners to:

  • Advocate for the Repositioning of health as a development issue.
  • Champion with officials at all levels of government the need for accelerated implementation of RMNCAH programs to increase service provision and utilization.
  • Mobilize families about the actions they can take to improve the health of mothers and children.
  • Influence investment in critical and high impact intervention areas in the health sector.
  • Promote accountability for the attainment of maternal, new born, child and adolescent health targets.