Women Health

58,000 women lose their lives every year from pregnancy related complications.

Every year, 58,000 women lose their lives from pregnancy related complications. The major causes of death are, excessive bleeding after childbirth, complications of hypertension in pregnancy, unsafe abortions, infections and obstructed labour.

There are proven low cost high impact interventions but many women, particularly the poor cannot access them.

Newborn & Child Health

839,5000 children do not make it to their fifth year.

Every year, 839,5000 children do not make it to their fifth birthdays.

Major causes of death include malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea, measles, HIV and malnutrition.

There are low cost high impact inteventions but unfortunately they do not get to these children.

Women’s Health

  • Treatment if OOH: Oxycontin/Misoprostol
  • Treatment of Pre-Eclampsia/Eclampsia: Magnesium Sulphate
  • Treatment of Sepia (including from Unsafe Abortion): Intravenous Antibiotics
  • Treatment of Anaemia: Iron-Folic Acid Supplementation
  • Malaria Prevention with Insecticide Treated Nets
  • Malaria Prevention with Sulphadoxine-Pyrimethamine
  • Prevention of Anaemia with Deworming
  • Logistics and Behaviour Change

Newborn & Child Health

  • Malaria Prevention with Sulphadoxine-Pyrimethamine
  • Treatment of Pneumonia: Intravenous Antibiotics
  • Management of Diarrhoea: Oral Rehydration solution
  • Mangement of Diarrhoea: Zinc
  • Mangement of Measles: Vitamin A supplementation
  • Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF)
  • Home fortification of food with multiple micronutrient powders (children 6-23 months)
  • Prevention of Anaemia with Deworming
  • Prevention of Newborn Sepsis: Chlorhexidine
  • Treatment of Newborn Sepsis: Intravenous Antibiotics & Chlorexidine
  • Logistics & Behaviour Change

Women’s Health

Join us to save 3,277 women in the next 1 year with N58,381.31 per woman.

Aisha Buhari Foundation is calling on the private sector to help avert 5% of these deaths by investing in Life saving interventions.

To save 5% (16,385 women) over 5 years would involve providing 2,013,000 women with lifesaving interventions.

To achieve this, it would cost N58,381.31 to save one life. To save 16,385 women, it would cost a total of N3,310,849,143.05


Newborn & Child Health

Join us to save 30,711 children in the next 1 year with N28,454.51 per child

To save 5% (153,555 children under five years over 5 years would involce providing 1,472,235 children with lifesaving interventions)

To achieve this, it would cost N28,454.51 to save one life. To save 153,555 children it would cost a total of N13.247.981,620.75

Women’s Health

Save 1 Life                            N58,381.31

Save 10 Lives                       N583,814.100

Save 100 Lives                     N5,838,131.00

Save 1000 Lives                   N58,381,310.00


How many women are you willing to save from a target of 3,277 lives?

Newborn & Child Health

Save 1 Life                              N28,454.51

Save 10 Lives                         N284,545.10

Save 100 Lives                      N2,845,451.00

Save 1000 Lives                    N28,454,510.00


How many children are you committing to save out of the 30,711 target

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