Rationale for the Wife of the President’s intervention.

Wives of Heads of States and Governments, although usually not public office holders have a critical role to play and indeed have a moral obligation to support the policies of the government run by their spouses.

This is the case for developed and developing countries alike; and wives of Presidents and other Heads of Governments have historically played prominent roles in advocating for critical issues considered as ‘Public goods’ including health with profound effects in improving outcomes especially for underserved & vulnerable populations. The wives of Nigerian Presidents in the successive regimes have played such roles some of which have also contributed in various ways to the health of mothers and children with some lessons and best practices learnt. TOWP has the capacity to provide a convening role to existing women platforms and other stakeholders to maximise synergies towards impact.

It is in this context that the office of the Wife of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in consultation with development partners came up with this concept paper that would herald a Strategic document for the engagement of the Wife of the President as an Advocacy Champion for Maternal and Child Health. The goal is to Champion, Advocate, Mobilize for the cause of improving & Promoting the health status of these vulnerable and marginalised sections of the population, focus on issues that have been traditionally under funded by the health sector – family planning, nutrition, civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) and more importantly the need to hold the various institutions charged with the responsibility of delivering care accountable.