Governors and Ministers Support Mrs Buhari’s campaign against Malnutrition – GET INVOLVED LAUNCH DAY 2

The Minister for Health Prof Isaac Adewole and the Minister for state for health Dr Alhassan have supported the efforts of the Wife of the President Mrs Aisha Muhammadu Buhari. Both Ministers were present today at the venue of the Get Involved event which has been designed to seeking a means to end malnutrition in Nigeria. The Ministers spoke to exhibitors encouraging them to also give free items to the cause in addition to exhibiting to the public for donor patronage.Also in attendance were the governors of Imo and Kebbi state who both applauded the effort of Mrs Buhari in tackling the issue of malnutrition.Governor rochas of Imo state said that the event was timely and all the Governors are already involved.He appealed to all Nigerians to join the cause.
To support the event was also UNICEF led by the Chief of Nutrition Arjan de Wagt who spoke to several exhibitors about specific products that were available to help malnourished children.

The Get Involved Event ends on Saturday 3rd of September.