Future Assured is an initiative of the Aisha Buhari foundation, a Non-Governmental Organisation set up with the aim of advocating for the wellbeing of women, children and adolescents in Nigeria.


A secure Future for women, youth, and children.


To optimize the potentials of women youth and children through interventions in Health, Education and Economic empowerment.


Nigeria contributes substantially to Global Under-Five and Maternal Mortality with 900,000 Children and Mothers dying each Year in Nigeria, this makes Nigeria the second largest contributor of under-five deaths globally.

Maternal mortality from causes such as hemorrhage, infection, unsafe abortion, obstructed labor and eclampsia/hypertension. Diseases such as malaria, anemia and HIV/AIDS are also common causes of maternal death.

The main causes of child mortalities include preventable diseases such as malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea and malnutrition.

Good nutrition is key to improving the health and development of individuals and promoting economic development. However, a large number of our children aren’t growing as well as the ought to and enormous amounts of money lost due to not breastfeeding.

Sadly, most of these deaths are from preventable causes influenced by a number of factors.

Social factors62% of births in Nigeria occur at home, there is low contraceptive prevalence rate and contraception has been proven to reduce maternal mortality by 44%. Poor maternal nutrition, low rate of Maternal Autonomy and poor male involvement and support for reproductive health issues.

Health sector factorsLow levels of birth attendance by skilled personnel, Lack of adequate supplies, equipment and human resources; poor health infrastructure; insufficient budgeting for health.

The country’s ability to address under – five and maternal mortality will affect global progress towards the SDGs 3 come 2030.

Future Assured seeks to contribute to the acceleration of efforts to End Preventable Maternal, New born and Child deaths through advocacy and the strengthening of accountability mechanisms in order to enhance the peace and development of Nigeria.


Future Assured has taken up the baton to create partnerships and high-level advocates from states across Nigeria on RMNCAH+N issues. The Program works with Government MDAs, Private Sectors, CSOs, NGOs, development partners and other stakeholders to:

  • Use high level advocacy to mobilize the governors and their wives as state level champions
  • Champion the momentum and movement with officials at all levels of government on the need for accelerated implementation of RMNCAH+N programs to increase service provision and utilization
  • Mobilize families on the actions they can take to improve the health of mothers and children.
  • Influence investment in critical and high impact intervention areas in the health sector through high level advocacy
  • Work with the private sector, NGOs and CSOs to promote accountability for the attainment of maternal, new born, child and adolescent health targets through the already existing institutions, mechanisms and   initiatives.

Leveraging on her capacity as the Wife of the President of Nigeria, the founder of Future Assured, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, held consultative sessions with key National and International Stakeholders and organisations working around the Health of women and Children, to discuss a way forward to improve the Health indices in Nigeria



  • RMNCAH+N Advocacy
  • Service Delivery: mobile clinic, Outreaches

“When the health of women and children improves, life improves by every measure. Better health leads to better education and economic opportunities, which lead to broader prosperity.” – Bill Gates

Women and Youth Empowerment

  • Education: Public speaking, academic tutorials and Adult education
  • Economic Empowerment: Skill acquisition, seed granting, networking

We at Future Assured believe that if women and youth are empowered socially and economically, they will be better positioned to make informed choices that will improve their health and social wellbeing which will ultimately impart on the development of our country.